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"After Karpman's" series,  acetate print/ 2018



This series is the result of my interest in the roles of oppressor, victim and rescuer and the interchange between roles within the  Drama Triangle. This made me explore the ambiguity of the subject being portrayed. In this series, I have worked with screen printing, which allowed me to make the multiplied variations on one image found online.  This repetition was inspired by me reading on the Repetition Compulsion theory created by Freud saying, that those who experienced trauma in their childhood, are most likely unconsciously look in their adult life, for the situations which will make them re-act the trauma, which is the way of remembering it. Both, Karpman's Drama Triangle and the Repetition Compulsion theory, came to my attention while doing the research on genocides and the behaviors the acute situations might result in. This invites to the reflection on the ambiguity and complexity of human behavior. 




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