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"After YouTube"/ 2018



This series is the result of my interest in acute situations and resultant behavior. In this particular case, I was interested in the tension between nature and nurture, which can be observed in life and death situations. This all stemmed from my research on the subject of genocide, where I focused on our survival instinct. The source material for this painting was again taken from pausing then photographing the YouTube documentary on the Myanmar genocide, which showed the body of a young boy lying on the beach. I chose it because of the strong emotional impact it had on me and wanted to explore its potential within the context of genocide. This marked the start for me incorporating the 'start, stop pause' videos navigators in my work, and my interest in our relationship with online sources and to question our capacity to differentiate fact from fiction.  Through the process of making the work, I have created tension between the intellectual and the instinctive approach to the painting, with the aim of bringing attention to the unalterable tension between nature and nurture,


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