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Through an experiment involving YouTube, I seek to understand how I, as a user, respond to the information provided in the visual material found online.

I spent an hour of my time watching YouTube videos, resulting from a ‘poultry, warehouse’ search, allowing myself to browse intuitively through any of the algorithm’s suggestions.

The photographs taken from pausing then photographing YouTube suggested videos, led to a series of small sketches made in a ball pen. I was influenced here by what Nicholas Mierzoet said in his book “ How we see the world”:

“What we see with our eyes, it turns out, is less like a photograph than it is like a rapidly drawn sketch. Seeing the world is not about how we see but what we make of what we see. We put together an understanding of the world that makes sense from what we already know or think we know.”

My mixed media collection is made by repetitive layering and wiping off the coats of paint, soft pastel charcoal. Through breaking down the barrier between drawing and painting, I aim to make the viewer question where the line between reality and fiction lies.



"an hour of my time "/ 2019

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