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My work 'Mission Impossible'  has been selected as a winning piece in Signature Art Prize 2020/21 in Drawing and Printmaking Category.  

Signature Art Prize Gala- 23 September 2021

Bankside Hotel SE1, London

Mission Impossible.jpg

'Mission Impossible'

Black ink pen on napkin

W x D x D : 155 x170 x 10

I was  interested here in creating a drawing which will hold viewers attention for longer than an online snapshot.


Making my work is often a way of 'digesting' the distressing content that is presented, on which my paintings become visual reflection. 'Mission impossible' was informed by online photographs and videos on Covid-19. I was taken by horrific but profound photographs showing our vulnerability. The ephemeral character of the work is emphasized by the watered down ink marks, very slowly, gradually fading away in the direct, strong sunlight, potentially leaving nothing but reminiscence of what was there before.

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