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'Anything at all' #bushfires/ #November 2020

156cm x 185


'One sees everything, yet has no insight into anything at all.' Byung- Chul Han
The work 'Anything at all ' explores our relationship with animals, which seems to be more complex than ever through development of present day technology and wide usage of modern means of communication.

The patchwork piece is linked to my online interaction with the subject of animals in 2020. I was originally working from the photographs found online from around the globe, showing wild animals in last year's bushfires . I juxtaposed such material with drawings based on photographs found on social media through the search #cuteanimals.

My attempt here was to explore this very simplified representation of our modern relationship with animals. As our general experience become 'enriched' by an online reality, with the unfiltered mass of information, often quickly escaping our attention, I was interested in creating work which will hold viewers attention for longer than an online snapshot. Ironically, the watered down ink marks, very slowly, gradually will fade away in a direct sunlight, potentially leaving nothing but reminiscence of what was there before.


#  cuteanimalsofinstagram #bushfires/ #November 2020



#  cuteanimalsofinstagram #bushfires/ detail



#  cuteanimalsofinstagram #bushfires/ detail



#  cuteanimalsofinstagram #bushfires/ detail


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